Check out the sessions that were presented during IstioCon 2021.

If you are in China and/or cannot access videos on YouTube, try the IstioCon channel on bilibili.

Title Speaker(s) Recording Slides
Welcome & opening keynote Craig Box & Lin Sun
Using Istio to build the next generation 5G platform Neeraj Poddar & David Lenrow
I want to sketch a mesh for you Christian Posta
Istio Service Mesh at Enterprise Scale Jason Webb & Vrushali Joshi
Workshop: Using Istio Lee Calcote & Abishek Kumar
Improving Security with Istio Alex Soto
What Envoy Hears When Istio Speaks Rob Salmond
Welcome (China) Iris Ding, Jimmy Song & Lin Sun
Introduction of the Service Mesh industry and community in China Jimmy Song
《百度APP基于Istio实现基础架构升级》 超 许
How HP set up secure and wise platform with Istio John Zheng
Secure your microservices with Istio step by step JF Ding & Luyao Zhong
Best practice: from Spring Cloud to Istio Chaomeng Zhang
Preserve Original Source Address within Istio Zhonghu Xu
Performance tuning and best practices in a Knative based, large-scale serverless platform with Istio Gong Zhang & Yu Zhuang
Going dynamic with Envoy at Atlassian Nicolas Meessen
The good, the bad, and the meshy: a journey adopting Istio across 100 clusters at T-Mobile Joe Searcy
Getting Started and Beyond: Istio Multicluster with GitOps Ryota Sawada
Developing & Debugging WebAssembly Filters Idit Levine & Yuval Kohavi
Large scale data ingestion using Istio/Envoy Animesh Chaturvedi
Istio Multicluster Workshop Denis Jannot & Christian Posta
Extending Envoy with WASM from start to finish Ed Snible
Local Istio Development John Howard
How all devs use Istio Security without knowing Istio Isan Rivkin
How Istio helped us investigate failures on our microservices Shota Shirayama
Simple Certificate Management (Using ECC Working Certificates) Jacob Delgado
Istio Project Roadmap Neeraj Poddar & Louis Ryan
Taming Istio Configuration with Helm Ryan Michela
Know your peers Alex Van Boxel
Sberbank Story: moving Istio from PoC to production Igor Gustomyasov & Maksim Chudnovskii
Deep Dive into Istio Auth Policies Lawrence Gadban
5 tips for your first contribution Albert Sun
Your laptop as part of the service mesh Lorenzo Fundaró
Kubernetes Operator to manage rate limit istio configurations Santiago Núñez-Cacho
Prepping the sails for a ship-shape Istio Release Eric Van Norman & Brian Avery
Istio Project Roadmap (China) Neeraj Poddar & Louis Ryan
Federated Access Point - eBay统一流量管理方案 Jesse Meng
Is Your Virtual Machine Really Ready-to-go with Istio? Kailun Qin & Haoyuan Ge
How Is Apache SkyWalking Powering Istio Observability Sheng Wu
Extending service mesh capabilities using a streamlined way based on WASM and ORAS Xi Ning Wang
Accelerate istio-cni with ebpf Yizhou Xu & Ruijing Guo
Airbnb on Istio Weibo He & Stephen Chan
The Salesforce Service Mesh: Our Istio Journey Pratima Nambiar
How to manage any layer-7 traffic in an Istio service mesh? Huabing Zhao & 阳 唐
Istio Debugging: Finding and Fixing Issues in a Multi-cluster Service Graph Scott Weiss & Eitan Yarmush
Istio Adoption: Planning for Success & Problem Solving Geoff Flarity, Jan Zantinge & Liam White
Istio Cookbook: Kiali Recipe Workshop Lucas Ponce
Istio Product Security Working Group - What is it and why it’s important Jacob Delgado & Brian Avery
Istio as an API Gateway Md Zannatul Ferdous Shourove
Kubernetes Gateway APIs and the future of Istio networking APIs John Howard
Automate mTLS communication with GoPay partners with Istio Zufar Dhiyaulhaq & Vijay Dhama
Redis TLS Origination with the sidecar Sam Stoelinga
FICO's Istio Journey Jeet Kaul
Istio at scale: How eBay is building a massive multitenant service mesh using Istio Sudheendra Murthy
Debugging Istio within the Department of Defense Nick Nellis & Adam Toy
The benefits of integrating Apache Kafka with Istio on Kubernetes Sebastian Toader & Zsolt Varga
Moving large scale consumer e-commerce Infrastructure to Mesh Rajath Ramesh & Harshad Rotithor
Istio is a long wild river: how to navigate it safely Raphael Fraysse
Leveraging Istio to Reduce Engineering Effort for API testing Venky Ganti & Rahul Lahiri
Better External Authorization Yangmin Zhu
Optimal Canary Deployments using Istio and how it scores over Spring Cloud and Kubernetes Archna Gupta
Extending Engarde to Bridge the Gap Between Istio Access Logs and Envoy's Documentation Gregory Hanson
Building resilient systems inside the mesh: abstraction and automation of Virtual Service generation Vladimir Georgiev
Building Platforms with Istio Murugappan Chetty
Closing remarks Lin Sun