Moving large scale consumer e-commerce Infrastructure to Mesh

Feb-26 18:20 UTC

Language: English

In this session we will cover

  • Previous Setup: High level overview of setup focussing on external and inter-service/component communication where we mainly used Nginx, HAProxy and Envoyproxy.
  • Challenges and Improvements: Briefly cover the challenges and improvements which essentially was translated into set of requirements
  • Istio Onboarding and Integration: How Istio covered our requirements and steps we took and tools we built/used to on-board micro-services and manage the mesh setup. We will also cover the challenges involved in migrating, solutions derived and learnings gained. If we need to do it again, what could be done differently.
  • Next Steps: Currently we integrated completely stateless use-cases, future plan on how we plan to on-board the stateful entities as well.