Workshop: Using Istio

Feb-22 18:30 UTC

Language: English

Using Meshery, this workshop introduces service mesh concepts and each aspect of Istio. Gain hands-on experience with this popular tool as you learn how to deploy and configure Istio alongside microservices running in Kubernetes.

What you’ll learn:

  • Managing telemetry, monitoring, and reporting
  • Traffic management scenarios
  • Approaches to canary deployments and securing communication

You’ll be able to:

  • Configure and operate Istio in context of an example workloads and their common use cases
  • Manage traffic through load balancing and resilient communications
  • Enforce policies and rate limiting
  • Be confident with ongoing management of Istio
  • Understand WebAssembly filters for Envoy and deploy a custom filter


This workshop has a limited capacity of 60 attendees. If you are commited to participating, please register here: