Prepping the sails for a ship-shape Istio Release

Feb-24 22:10 UTC

Language: English

Another Istio release is out! You may be nervous, but we have been continuously improving our release qualification process to hopefully ease your concerns. In 2020, we collected feedback and used it to focus on producing higher quality and more consistent releases. We created a Definition of Done to determine what it means for releases and features to be considered stable. This has led to release notes tooling, standardized feature maturity levels and release gates. We also created a new Upgrade Workgroup to improve the stability, user experience, and test infrastructure around Istio upgrades. This talk will explore what each of these new additions means for you as a user and whether you can trust that new release or feature in your production environment. We’ll be sure to leave some time for feedback. We’d love to know how these changes are or are not addressing your concerns as well as other improvements you would like to see.