Best practice: from Spring Cloud to Istio

Feb-23 03:20 UTC

Language: Chinese

Spring Cloud has been widely used as a micro service framework in the past several years, especially in traditional enterprise cases. Istio, as a leading service mesh solution, is gaining great popularity, and widely used in cloud-native applications. Istio help customer build a highly resilient, secure, observable and scalable microservice architecture by offloading the complexity from application code to a separate infrastructure layer.

In this presentation, inspired by several typical customers’ cloud native solutions, Chaomeng will share a topic of best practice of Spring Cloud and Istio. He will explore the differences and similarities between Spring Cloud and Istio, include mechanism and working scenario, and focus on the integration and transformation solution, which makes Spring Cloud developed application running natively upon Isito without too many code changes, and gracefully offload traffic management from SDK to infrastructure and make SDK a real develop kit.