Airbnb on Istio

Feb-25 16:00 UTC

Language: English

In this presentation, we will walk through Airbnb’s Istio Journey - why we needed a modern service mesh, how we vetted Istio as the solution, where we are today, the lessons we learnt along the way, and our future plans. We will cover topics including:

  • Airbnb’s multicluster/cell setup, problems we ran into/ideas for UX improvements
  • Airbnb’s upgrade setup for gradual rollout of newer versions of Istio
  • Airbnb’s test pipeline for vetting features we care about
  • How we handled k8s & mesh expansion in a consistent philosophy
  • How we approached migration (zero downtime, no regression)
  • Airbnb’s learnings/pain points/future expectation with Istio
  • Current areas of open discussion - come talk to us more about this