Taming Istio Configuration with Helm

Feb-24 17:00 UTC

Language: English

Helm. It’s not just for installation anymore!

In this session, we re-introduce Helm as a powerful tool for automating Istio day-two administrative tasks. Using Helm, we can completely rethink Istio management by creating a domain specific language for Istio configuration. Helm lets us build a simplified facade over Istio, allowing developers to more naturally express their intentions as code instead of forcing them to think in Istio CRDs.

In this session we will look at four common Istio configuration patterns, and explore how Helm dramatically simplifies their use. We will deep dive into Helm itself, teaching you how to write Helm charts perfectly tailored to your Istio developer’s needs. Finally, we’ll look at Helm gitops automation, to securely and reliably manage Istio configuration from commit to production. You will leave this session with everything you need to confidently tame Istio using Helm.