How to manage any layer-7 traffic in an Istio service mesh?

Feb-25 17:00 UTC

Language: English

Traffic management is probably the most used feature of Istio. However, handling layer-7 traffic other than HTTP and gRPC can become challenging in an Istio service mesh. In this session, I’ll discuss a few possible approaches to extend Istio’s traffic management capability to other layer-7 protocols such as Dubbo, Thrift, TARS, Redis, MySql, MongoDB, etc. I’ll introduce Aeraki, an open-source project that provides a framework to allow Istio to support more layer 7 protocols than just HTTP and gRPC. A demo of Thrift and Dubbo traffic version-based routing and percentage-based routing will also be shown in this session. In the end, l’ll discuss some other interesting things we are planning at Aeraki, such as on-demand xDS to the sidecars.

Github: Live Demo: Recorded Demo: Dubbo and Thrift Traffic Management