Istio Product Security Working Group - What is it and why it’s important

Feb-25 21:00 UTC

Language: English

The Istio Product Security Working Group operates behind a bit of secrecy given the nature of the group’s work; mostly triaging security reports and threats. In 2020, there were over 11 security bulletins released that spanned from Istio 1.3 to Istio 1.8. In this talk, we will explain why the group was created, how it operates, and its mission to make Istio more secure.

Namely, we will discuss:

  • A brief history of how the group was formed
  • Why it was necessary for the group to be created
  • A look at Istio security vulnerabilities in 2020
  • How we triage security reports and fix them
  • Pro-active measures the group is working on to make Istio more secure

Please join us to learn about the responsibilities of the Product Security Working Group and how to stay informed about the security of your environments.