How do I register for this event?

Visit the registration page here and enter your information. Once you’ve registered, watch for a confirmation email that contains your login information for the conference. There is no cost to attend IstioCon 2023.

Does participation have a cost?

There is no cost to attend IstioCon 2023. Please enjoy the conference!

How can I interact with other participants?

  • During the event we will be using the Istio slack channel to comment sessions and interact with speakers and other attendees. We will have additional networking activities which we will announce at the slack.
  • Find more ways to get involved with the Istio community apart from IstioCon here.

Will recorded sessions be available after the event?

Yes, all sessions will be recorded. After the conference they will be posted on our YouTube channel.

Who do I contact with questions?

Please feel free to reach out to us at with questions or concerns.

Will you be captioning the talks?

Yes. During the live events, the talks will have open captions. This means the subtitles are part of the video and cannot be turned off. And the final/edited version of the recordings in YouTube will have close caption which you can turn on or off.

Is there a code of conduct?

Yes. IstioCon promotes and encourages a set of shared values to improve our productivity and interpersonal interactions. Only by respecting each other can we develop a productive, collaborative community. You can find the Istio Code of conduct here.