We will be offering hands-on workshops to help you develop your skills with Istio.

  • Format & duration: Workshops are 2.5 hours long. They will be done in Zoom and require registration.
  • Capacity: Capacity is limited to 60 participants per workshop. Please register for a workshop only if you are really committed to participating in it.

Istio 0 to 60 Workshop

Date: Apr-25 18:00-20:30 UTC
Instructor(s): Eitan Suez & Peter Jausovec

This workshop consists of a series of labs that together comprise a hands-on tour of Istio from 0 to 60, so to speak.

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Hands-on practices for Controlling Kubernetes Native Apps with Service Mesh

Date: Apr-26 18:00-20:30 UTC
Instructor(s): Daniel Oh

This hands-on lab will showcase how the Istio Service Mesh allows developers and IT staff to gain a deep understanding of their Kubernetes native applications based on Quarkus and Spring Boot.

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Manage and Secure Distributed Services with Anthos Service Mesh

Date: Apr-27 18:00-20:30 UTC
Instructor(s): Christine Kim, Mike Coleman, Mathieu Benoit & Nim Jayawardena

Learn how to run distributed services on multiple Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) clusters in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) using Anthos Service Mesh (ASM).

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Multi-tenant Istio Service Mesh with Gloo Mesh

Date: Apr-28 18:00-20:30 UTC
Instructor(s): Adam Sayah

We will explore many Istio concepts (multi-cluster topologies, identity federation, authorization, and more) and demonstrate how Gloo Mesh can simplify the management of a complex heterogeneous service mesh with a particular focus on multi-tenancy.

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