Istio multi-cluster traffic management speed up automobile company new business dev,deploy and ops

Apr-28 03:20 UTC

Language: Chinese

smart, a brand to fully transform from fuel vehicles to electric vehicles, is committed to exploring the best solutions for future urban transportation. On its IT infrastructure, cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes and service mesh help simplify the technology stack, accelerate business innovation, and greatly improve the efficiency of new business development, deployment, operation and maintenance.

In this meeting, Kexing and Chaomeng will share their multi-cluster practice in production environment. That is how Istio provides distributed traffic management across 10+ clusters in smart’s production and testing environments. It includes performing canary release by deploying and splitting traffic of new version in different clusters, providing high availability by failover east-west traffic between instances of different clusters, unified authentication and authorization security management, unified topology view and distributed tracing across clusters, etc.