Accelerating ZOZOTOWN Modernization with Istio

Apr-28 18:20 UTC

Language: English

ZOZOTOWN was launched in Dec 2004 and currently is one of the biggest fashion E-commerce company in Japan run by ZOZO (https://corp.zozo.com/en/). It was implimented as monoliths, and became a big fat monolith application built upon onprem as it grew. In last 3 years they have worked on ZOZOTOWN modernization project that they call ‘ZOZOTOWN replace’ where they achived gradual migration to kubernetes-based microservice architecture and adopted istio / service mesh as a key enabler for our new ZOZOTOWN platform. Topics covered in the presentation will include:

  • ZOZO’s gradual migration storategy
  • How they integrated Isito into their microservice platform where they had their existing in-house API Gateway
  • How they achieved zero downtime migration to istio-based microservice architecture
  • Further Istio usage at ZOZO to achive more sophisticated DevOps experience