Program Committee (English)

Mitch Connors

Software Engineer at Google Cloud | Program Chair IstioCon

Lin Sun

Director of Open Source at | Program Chair IstioCon

Srihari Angaluri

Principal Product Manager at IBM Cloud

Neeraj Poddar

Head of Engineering at

Jason Webb

Distinguished Engineer at Intuit

Program Committee (Chinese)

Iris Ding

Cloud Software Engineer at Intel

Jimmy Song

Developer Advocate at Tetrate

Zhonghu Xu

Senior Engineer at Huawei


María Cruz

Program Manager at Google Cloud

Sakhi Patel

Event Producer at Google Cloud

Alexandra Bush

Head of Open Source and Community Marketing at Google Cloud

Rose Sawvel

Head of Community & Education at

Produced by Software Guru

Mara Ruvalcaba

Event manager

Pedro Galván

Technical writer

Alberto Rodríguez

Streaming & website

Fernando Hernández

Promotion and social media

Monse Hernández


Norma López

Project manager

Teyza Ponce


Ximena Cruz