IstioCon 2022 will feature Listening Sessions, where the Istio Community invites users to provide feedback on specific developments in the project. We will begin each session with a 5 minute overview of the topic and the remainder of the time will be an “open mic”.

All listening sessions are from 18:00 to 18:30 UTC (11 to 11:30 PDT).

  • Tuesday, April 26th - Istio Upgrades

    Led by Sam Naser, Jacob Delgado
    Scope: Are upgrades getting easier? How easy is easy enough? Are helm and revision based upgrades catching on? What is still painful? How often do you upgrade? How often would you like to? Are patches easier than minor upgrades?
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  • Wednesday, April 27th - Telemetry API

    Led by Douglas Reid, Neeraj Poddar
    Scope: We’ve been looking for feedback from users on the Telemetry API for some time now, and it’s been difficult to find users with experience. This session might need to cover other telemetry topics as well to appeal to enough attendees.
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  • Thursday, April 28th - Istio Community

    Led by Eric Van Norman, Mitch Connors
    Scope: What are we doing as a community, how can we do better?
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