We will be offering hands-on workshops to help you develop your skills with Istio.

  • Format & duration: Workshops are 2.5 hours long. They will be done in Zoom and require registration.
  • Capacity: Capacity is limited to 60 participants per workshop. Please register for a workshop only if you are really committed to participating in it.

Workshop: Using Istio

Date: Feb-22 18:30-21:00 UTC
Instructor(s): Lee Calcote & Abishek Kumar

This workshop introduces service mesh concepts and each aspect of Istio. Gain hands-on experience with this popular tool as you learn how to deploy and configure Istio alongside microservices running in Kubernetes.

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Istio Multicluster Workshop

Date: Feb-23 18:30-21:00 UTC
Instructor(s): Denis Jannot & Christian Posta

This workshop is based on Istio and Gloo Mesh. Each participant will have a dedicated VM and we will go through diferent labs.

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Istio Cookbook: Kiali Recipe Workshop

Date: Feb-25 18:30-21:00 UTC
Instructor(s): Lucas Ponce

Kiali is a management console for Istio. It provides dashboards, observability, configuration and validation capabilities. This workshop will walk you through practical examples of Istio using Kiali.

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