Aizhamal Nurmamat kyzy

Program Manager at Google Cloud

Alex Soto Bueno

Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat

Brian Tannous

Developer Advocate at Red Hat

Christian Posta

Global Field CTO at

Craig Box

Istio Advocacy Lead at Google Cloud | Program Chair IstioCon

Iris Ding

Cloud Software Engineer at Intel

Jimmy Song

Developer Advocate at Tetrate

Kevin Conner

Service Mesh Senior Engineering Manager at Red Hat

Lin Sun

Sr. Technical Staff Member and Master Inventor at IBM | Program Chair IstioCon

MarĂ­a Cruz

Program Manager at Google Cloud

Neeraj Poddar

Co-founder & Chief Architect at Aspen Mesh

Rose Sawvel

Content Marketing Lead at Aspen Mesh

Zhonghu Xu

Senior Engineer at Huawei